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PolyCase Ammunition Jumps Into Mixed Martial Arts

Jacob Devree sponsored by PolyCase Ammunition

Jacob Devree sponsored by PolyCase Ammunition


PolyCase is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring Jacob Devree in his December 1st Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight for Coalition Combat.  Jacob is a rising star in the sport of MMA; he trains with UFC fighters Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway, Seth Baczynski and Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson at Power MMA & Fitness in AZ.  He will proudly wear the PolyCase Ammunition logo and URL on when he enters the cage at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.  Jacob will also be supporting PolyCase through social media and blog postings.
Jacob Devree said “I love the outdoors and shooting is a passion of mine.  I am honored to represent PolyCase Ammunition in and out of the cage”.  The sponsorship will include the PolyCase logo and URL prominently featured on Jacob’s appearal during his Pay-Per-View fight.  PolyCase CEO Paul Lemke said “I am excited to be supporting MMA Athletes.  They are hard working and very tough, much like the PolyCase crew and ammo.  MMA isn’t a gun sport but Arizona is a huge market for gun owners and the demographic that watches MMA, 21-39 year olds, is our demographic.”

About PolyCase Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition develops, manufactures, markets and sells World-class, patent pending, polymer-cased small arms ammunition used by discerning professionals and sports shooters. Made in the USA, using over 90 years of advanced design, materials and manufacturing experience, our 21st century products are designed to provide the lethality and consistency expected by our customers.
The PolyCase Ammunition team consists of experts in chemical, mechanical, advanced materials and industrial engineering, ammunition research, development, testing and evaluation, precision manufacturing, marketing and U.S. domestic and international sales.  We have proudly partnered with other industry leaders to provide our deserving customers with ammunition manufactured using only the most efficient components.

PolyCase ammunition has been designed and tested using M/C-MOPI, SAAMI and CIP design and performance standards to ensure compatibility with your legacy and late model arms.

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